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March 17th, 2006 (08:29 pm)

current mood: happy

Already, you know, it's getting closer and closer to April 13th!  That's right, it's "Shinkyoku Ohirome NIGHT"!! 
There's about one month left until the live~☆★I'll have to build up my physical strength so I can sing lots of songs(*'o'*)
I'll make a new song announcement too!  Please come o(^-^)o

☆Graduation ceremony☆

March 14th, 2006 (08:28 pm)

current mood: curious

Recently, it's become the graduation season~!  Some people have already graduated♪  (Congraaaatsss(*^∀^*))
By the way, this is a little late, but because my friend is graduating this year I wanted to give her a special present at her graduation celebration~ I'm still thinking♪♪I was thinking of giving her a flower basket?!  But how do I go about doing that~?  *laughs*
Hear it straight!  All you graduates!  What would you want?  *laughing* 
What were the best things you recieved?  

☆One day before the live☆

March 9th, 2006 (08:27 pm)

current mood: happy

It's been a while!!  I've been doing a lot of things lately and haven't been able to come back here, so I'm sorry.(T T)
Yesterday, I did a rehearsal for the live which is tomorrow.  Today I was also with [Shiori] Takei-san!  She's really bright and cute.☆(^▽^)
I'll do my best in this production, so everyone, please come!!


January 16th, 2006 (08:27 pm)

current mood: happy

 *ahem* This is kind fo belated, but(^ ^;)on January 7th, I safely became 17 years old!!  It's so fast....  And because I started singing around when I was 12 years old, it's been 5 years...(^o^;)
Hmmmmm, now what do you think I should do?(^_^)
But, from this day at seventeen, I would like to keep gradually announcing releases!!
Congrats!!  p(^ ^)q

☆1.12 LIVE☆

January 12th, 2006 (08:33 pm)

current mood: happy

And now, the live has ended(^▽^)
Today, I was with Sparkly-san and Hayami-san.☆
The live was fun♪To those of you that didn't come, please come to the next one
because it's so much fun.☆(^o^)☆
I'll also be having a live performance in March, so please come to that--!!

[Kaseii's note:  Akane performed with the girl group SPARKLING POINT and the singer Kishimoto Hayami.  LInks are to their respective official sites in Japanese only.]

☆It's a bit late, but...☆

January 11th, 2006 (08:21 pm)

current mood: happy

It is now 2006--(^▽^)v Congratulations on opening!!
Everyone, did you all go for your first visit of the year to the shrine--????
I haven't gone yettt(^ ^;)I wanted to go on New Year's Da--yyyyyyy.
But, but, I think that this will be a good☆year for me.(^o^)
Everyone, have a good year!  Akane hopes you will.(^_^)

☆It's really cold!☆

December 19th, 2005 (08:21 pm)

current mood: cold

They said it was going to be cold, but I didn't think it would get this cold here!  (>_<)
Guys, don't get colds, okay?
Ahh, a lot of snow is falling all over the place--is everyone okay!?
Because it hasn't snowed in Osaka at all yet, it still doesn't have that image, but
somehow, I tried to create that image when I was writing lyrics.(^o^;)
Also, everyone is happy when they can eat hot food after a long day of work, of course!  (^o^) and it's wonderful quality too--
But, it's a simple doubt.  "How can I carry this cold to the summer--" Not many people are saying this, are they!?
I'll think about it.(^ ^;)

☆Thank you for the live!☆

December 3rd, 2005 (08:20 pm)

current mood: anxious

 This is late, but thank you to all of you who helped me during the live on 12/1!! m(_ _)m
My voice was hardly in good shape, so I'm very sorry about that (T_T)
This time, all the songs were done with an acoustic guitar (What did you guys think of that?)
Taking all the various types of songs in that sort of quiet style was a very interesting challenge,
and I will definitely have my revenge!!
That was the last Thursday Live for this year,
and next year already, on 1/12, I'll be performing with Supakuri [Sparkling Point]-san and Kishimoto-san!
Please come and see--(^ _ ^)

☆It's winter, huh--☆

November 25th, 2005 (08:19 pm)

current mood: excited

Recently, I've been racing around doing various things, and I haven't updated my column at all...I'm sorry m(_ _)m
And, it'll soon be December, which is nearly midwinter(^ ^;)
Not much longer until the Acoustic NIght...!
Have you heard about it?  We'll be doing all the songs that way, but I think some of them don't have to change too much!
At any rate, I think it should be a fun concert, so everyone please come if you can--(^o^)  

☆November 11th☆

November 11th, 2005 (08:19 pm)

current mood: thoughtful

 Come to think of it, at 11:11 today, it seems like the planets should have aligned for a second, or something,
or that some big change should have happened.(^ ^;)
Escapism?  Maybe...(^o^)
Up till now I was thinking about lyrics for a new song♪
It's got a really complex melody, and I said I wouldn't give up on writing lyrics for it,
but I feel like I just can't write today(T_T)
And, the people who read this blog might say something critical like "Someone's falling"...
I'm not able to write to that extent, but one day I think it'll come in a flash of intuition,
and at that time I think I would be all kinds of shocked.(×o×)
So, I'll keep trying to wirte!
I think that that moment would have a good feeling, anyway☆☆
Maybe that would be the moment I become addicted--there's no way to know(^o^;)
So this time, I'll secretly be anticipating the fall(^ ^)

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